Try the Jubi tools on Testnet!

Use testnet tokens and see how easy it is to start a token venture and raise funds with Jubi


What do I need?

We are currently using Goerli ETH testnet:
Metamask icon mascot
If you do not have a crypto wallet yet, head over to Metamask's download page and follow the instructions
Goerli Testnet Network Screenshot
Switch to Goerli
Metamask will be set to the Ethereum Mainnet by default, you can switch to Goerli using the network selector. You may have to click "Show/hide". Don't worry, our dApp will ensure you are on Goerli if you leave it on Mainnet.
Get your test ETH for gas
Test ETH for Gas
Goerli uses test ETH, which you can get from a faucet. Register at and put your Metamask wallet address in the textbox to get test ETH to pay for your transactions
Stable coin to invest. JUBIDC
Stable coin to invest
If you want to invest some play money with your friends in your newly created testnet startup, you can grab some testnet JUBISDC (USDC substitute)

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